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Ghana Update

16 May 2006

Friends and Family,

Due to the intensity of the rainy season and the unreliability of electricity, I haven't been able to update in a few weeks. That being said, I will nonetheless keep this message brief.

As you are experiencing what I am sure is a pleasant Spring, Guaman is being plunged into the depths of the rainy season. From morning until afternoon the jungle is silhouetted in a thick grey light which gives way to deep black clouds around four or five o'clock. Even though the rain persists, in one form or the other, for the entirety of the day, the truly heavy tropical storms come in the evening. Veins of electric light spray upwards and downwards and the thunder rolls in waves with the rain, causing quite a cacophony. The roof of my house is composed of the rusty corrugated iron typical of Africa, and during early morning thunderstorms can be quite a hindrance to my sleep.

Though the weather has proved to be a formidable obstacle to my work, things are nonetheless moving forward. I have been putting more and more of an emphasis on education as my volunteer service develops. I find teaching and tutoring to be immensely fulfilling tasks. Furthermore, I have always been scared to death of public speaking, so this experience has been rewarding on many fronts. I am teaching Safowa Gifty how to use the computer at my NGOs office, and also have her reading various books. I want her to be well-prepared for secondary school!

I heard on the BBC today that the Bush administration is "deploying troops" to keep an eye on the U.S-Mexico border. After all of the protesting which pointed out the fundamentally positive roll Latin American immigrants play in the American economy is this really an appropriate step? Even if they don't envision using force against immigrants, it is a macabre gesture. The issue of illegal immigration is not a military issue. My thoughts are with the thousands of families who have already lost family members in the deserts of California, Arizona, and Texas. To the hardest working people in America, this whole thing must seem like a slap in the face. As all of us are also immigrants, we must likewise support them. What kind of role do they envision U.S troops playing at the border anyhow? The whole thing sounds completely dismal to me. God help us.

I will be in Accra in early June and I promise to post some pictures. I hope this message finds everyone is good health and spirits.

Much love,
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