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One Year in Ghana, Radio Interview, etc.

6 September

Friends and Family,

Well, the time has finally arrived for me to celebrate my one year anniversary as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Even though my cultural integration has perhaps become admittedly excessive, I can say in full confidence that I feel at home in Ghana and especially in the small, seemingly insignificant village of Guaman. I am also proud of the work I have done with students, farmers, and community leaders and even more humbled by the life lessons they have taught me. Life as a Peace Corps Volunteer is difficult, and at times stressful and frustrating, but after I broke the eight or nine month mark my volunteer work became a passionate routine and I am now reaping the satisfaction by seeing students move on to higher education and farmers get a better profit for their maize, cassava, or rice. As for the things I have learned, well they cut so deep to the core of my existence that I don't think they can be literally expressed. A couple things are for sure: I will shut up whenever I feel myself getting ready to complain about how long it takes for a waiter to get me another beer or how annoying those snow boots are that suburban girls wear in the deepest heat of a California summer. Okay, well maybe the second part will still bother me.

Right now I am in Ho in the southern Volta Region. I am here to do a radio interview with Kofi at Volta Star Radio. I was selected by Peace Corps to plug our 45th anniversary and give contact information for NGOs and schools who want volunteers. We are also going to be discussing Wofabeng and our current projects. Luckily it is going to be recorded and edited, because I'm not sure how good I will be at this whole interview-thing. Right now I'm trying to formulate some clever one-liners in my head but I know once I sit down in the humid room of an African radio station my mind will wander to other things. I'll let you know how it goes.

As for my work, it is going exceptionally well. Safowa will get her test results on Friday and then we'll find out where she is going to school. I start teaching general science, math, and social science on the 19th at the JSS. I am also quite busy farming with different people in the village and working on the nursery project. In the next two weeks we will also be starting an HIV/AIDS advocacy campaign in Jasikan with a budget of $5,000. So needless to say, I am busy and things are getting busier.

Much love,
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